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I’ve worked on a wide range of projects, from triple-A console shooters to educational and social games.

If you need design help with a game project, feel free to email me at

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The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In

The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In (Facebook)The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In (Facebook)The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In (Facebook)

Facebook game based on the popular TV series.

  • Role: Contract Designer/Writer
  • Highlights: Scripted levels in XML, balanced experience curves, wrote mission copy

Dragonica Online (aka Dragon Saga)

Dragonica Online (PC)Dragonica Online (PC)Dragonica Online (PC)

Fast-paced F2P action MMO in the vein of Maple Story for the PC.


TimeShift (360, PS3, PC)TimeShift (360, PS3, PC)TimeShift (360, PS3, PC)

360/PS3/PC FPS that lets you slow, stop and reverse time to conquer your enemies.

  • Role: Associate Producer/Designer
  • Highlights:  Wrote in-game scripts, marketing copy and walkthroughs; managed motion capture process; primary publisher liaison for the production team; organized focus groups; demoed game at press and consumer events


Crystal Brawl

Crystal BrawlCrystal BrawlCrystal Brawl

2v2 local multiplayer sports/action hybrid for the Ouya, PC and Arcade. In development with Studio Mercato.



Abstract strategy game closely modeled after accurate ancient Greek battle tactics. In development for iOS, Android and Windows 8 tablets with Studio Mercato.

  • Role: Production
  • Pick-up-and-play game design lets new players understand the rules in minutes, with unlimited potential for high-skill play.
  • Based on the tabletop version by Josh Raab, and refined over two years of design and testing.
  • Tabletop Showcase Selection, Boston Festival of Indies Games (2013)
  • The tabletop version won the 2013 Strategy Game Ion Award, and is being published in 2014 from Eagle Games.

Don’t F**k Up

Don't F**k UpDon't F**k UpDon't F**k Up

2-6 player pub game of skill, reflexes, and a test of your ability to follow one simple instruction. In development with Studio Mercato.

The Last Monster Master

The Last Monster Master, for Choice of Games (iOS, Android, Kindle, Chrome Web Store, Browser)The Last Monster Master


An original text-based multiple choice game published by Choice of Games.

  • Role: Original concept, writing and development
  • Contracted by Choice of Games to develop an original property.
  • Raise your brood of monsters for careers as treasure guardians, bodyguards and colossal builders – but pick a career path they enjoy, or face the consequences.
  • Available on iOS, Android, Kindle, Chrome Web Store and Browser

I Am Trying to Tell You Something

I Am Trying to Tell You Something (PC, Indie)I Am Trying to Tell You Something (PC, Indie)I Am Trying to Tell You Something (PC, Indie)

A brief experiment in branching game narrative (PC, GameMaker).

  • Role: Sole developer
  • Your friend has something important to tell you. How you treat him affects how much he’s willing to share.
  • Download (Zip)



Past/Present (PC/Mac)Past/Present (PC/Mac)Past/Present (PC/Mac)

PC/Mac educational title designed to teach history to middle school students.

  • Role: Design/Writing Consultant
  • Highlights: Scripted levels in proprietary XML editor, wrote and revised text and dialog