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Accidental Journalism: Tracking Game Industry Layoffs with


As in any industry, layoffs in the games business are an accepted reality. Anyone working in development or production today is acutely aware of the tumultuous state of games as the dominance of consoles gives way to a touchscreen-driven order,

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Battling the Backlog: Curing No-Time-to-Play-Games-Itis

Game backlog

Few things in the game world garner as much simultaneous love and disdain as Steam’s annual summer sale. On the plus side, wildly discounted prices mean any game that has remotely been on your radar is suddenly attainable. On the

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Why Aren’t There Games About [Blank]?

Paris, Texas

There’s a common narrative occurring for people whose lives have been touched by videogames in their formative years. First intrigued by the novelty of interaction and control, you become enamored with the concept of manipulating a digital avatar until you

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Preparing for the Next Big Games Controversy


In the wake of national tragedies, games are back in the spotlight as the scapegoat. And while it’s tiresome to once again be on the defense against clueless pundits slinging unwarranted blame in the name of higher ratings, there’s something

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