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Giving Up Control to Grow as Gamers

Heavy Rain

Every video game you’ve ever played is about control. If something is even to qualify as a video game as opposed to machinima or animation, there needs to be at least one player, and there needs to be an input

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Is This Thing On: Creating Musical Conversation with SoundSelf


It’s the sci-fi writers’ fault, you know. After tantalizing us with glimpses of a glorious future replete with personal datapads (check), instantaneous communication (check) and a worldwide repository of the sum total of all human knowledge (check), we’ve still yet

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Capitalism, That Fickle Dungeon Master

f2p cover

The door creaks open ominously. One by one, the adventurers creep into the dungeon as the dank odor of orc breath and raw meat mixes with the outside air. To the right, a long hallway fades into darkness – where

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The Grasshopper Method: Building Honest Buzz for Your Game

The Grasshopper Round Table, a touch-based game table designed for social play.

They were saying how it reminded them of the glory days of the arcade. They talked about how it was something they didn’t realize they needed so badly. They spoke about the new kinds of games it could enable. They

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