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An Oculus Bedtime Story

Photo: The Verge

“Mommy, will you show me a bedtime story?” “Yes, dear. Now get ready for bed.” Charlie hops into bed, pulling the comforter tight over his little body. Wiggling his toes beneath the sheets in anticipation. Mommy opens the closet door

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The Gaming Singularity Is Near

Source: Kevin Korb

If you’re a game developer, it’s likely part of you is terrified right about now. All the rules of the games business seem to be in constant flux, an incredible amount of studios have closed or shrunk to shadows of

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Giving Up Control to Grow as Gamers

Heavy Rain

Every video game you’ve ever played is about control. If something is even to qualify as a video game as opposed to machinima or animation, there needs to be at least one player, and there needs to be an input

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Preparing for the Next Big Games Controversy


In the wake of national tragedies, games are back in the spotlight as the scapegoat. And while it’s tiresome to once again be on the defense against clueless pundits slinging unwarranted blame in the name of higher ratings, there’s something

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