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Dashjump makes games and interactive experiences that strike a chord.
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What We Do

Our Specialties

Game Design

From high-level proposals to detailed documentation

Narrative Design

Infusing narrative magic that resonates with audiences

Creative Coding

Customized solutions from conception to execution

Technical Writing

Adding clarity and context to the most complex scenarios

Past Projects

Text-Based Adventure Game
The Last Monster Master
  • Original concept created for Choice of Games
  • Dashjump performed all game development and writing
  • Out now on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Chrome Web Store, Browser and Steam
  • Branded Gamified Experiences
  • Dopamine creates gamified campaigns for employees and consumers
  • Dashjump provided game design services on multiple projects across retail, banking, dining and digital currency verticals
  • Military Training Simulation
    Stottler Henke
  • Stottler Henke delivers software systems to help their customers solve problems that defy traditional approaches
  • Dashjump provided game design services for a training simulation for the US Military
  • Educational Game
  • Past/Present is an educational game focused on teaching historical literacy to middle school students
  • Dashjump provided game design and level scripting services
  • Adventure Game
  • Hiveswap is a point and click adventure game based on the hugely popular Homestuck comic
  • Dashjump provided game design and writing services
  • Out now on Steam and Humble
  • Healthcare Training Simulation
  • Kognito creates health-focused simulations designed to improve social, emotional, and physical health.
  • Dashjump provided writing services for a health-focused training simulation
  • Facebook Game
    The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In
  • The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In was a Facebook game that ran from 2011-2012 based on the hit TV show
  • Dashjump provided game design and writing services
  • Collectible Virtual Goods Platform
  • Deckdaq was an online platform that allowed individuals to collect and trade branded virtual goods
  • Dashjump provided a usability audit and critique
  • Consumer Coupon Site
    The Grocery Game
  • The Grocery Game was an online coupon site offering a fun, easy way to save hundreds of dollars on groceries each month
  • Dashjump provided game design services for multiple mobile apps
  • About Us

    Ben Serviss
    Principal Consultant

    Ben Serviss started working in the game industry in 2004. Over the years he's worked on over two dozen game projects for everything from Microsoft and Sony platforms to Facebook and mobile devices. His work includes entertainment products as well as solutions for military, education, corporate and healthcare clients.

    He has strong roots in the game development community as a co-founder of indie game developer Studio Mercato and a board member for DIY arcade game development collective Death By Audio Arcade. He is also the author of a how-to book for aspiring game developers, How to Score Your First Game Job.

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