Remember Left 4 Dead? It’s highly likely you do; its 2008 release was heralded with tons of fanfare and a $10 million marketing spend that showed Valve meant business. The push paid off – as of October 2012, the game, …

The Discomfort Zone: The Hidden Potential of Valve’s AI Director Read more »

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In the wake of national tragedies, games are back in the spotlight as the scapegoat. And while it’s tiresome to once again be on the defense against clueless pundits slinging unwarranted blame in the name of higher ratings, there’s something …

Preparing for the Next Big Games Controversy Read more »

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Breakdancer Toyz deftly handles a challenge at Unlucky Breaks (Photo: Law Nyce)

At a breakdance competition, the crowd knows more than you. Sure, it may seem obviously impressive when a dancer spins on his head and freezes in an upside-down pose, but unless you’re a dancer yourself, the crowd will seem to …

Breaking the Rules: Game Mechanics as Pathway to Culture Read more »

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