Timmy dug at the walls. He moved some rocks. He couldn't seem to find a way out of the well.
<<silently>>\n<<set $dogName = "Lassie">>\n<<endsilently>>\n"Help! Help!" he shouted. Suddenly, a dog barked above him. Timmy yelled again and the dog responded. "Is that you, <<print $dogName>>?" he asked.\n[[Cry for help again]]
<<if $numShout gte 3>>\n[[Tell Lassie to get help|Get help]]\n<<else>>\n[[Shout]]\n<<endif>>
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A gripping story of survival
<<set $numShout = $numShout + 1>>\n"Help!"\n<<display "Lassie">>
<<set $numShout = 1>>\nTimmy found himself in a deep well. Not knowing how he got there, he began to look around. He touched the walls. He looked up at the sun setting above him.\n[[Scream for help|Cry for help]]\n<<choice "Search for an exit">>
<<set $numShout = $numShout + 1>>\n"Help!"\n<<display "Lassie">>
"Run and get help, boy!"\n<html><i>fin</i></html>
Timmy and the Well
CAT 209