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Just Make My Numbers Go Up: Breaking Our Addiction to Points

Donkey Kong

The great thing about numbers is that they go up. For the most part, people love it when their own numbers start to rise: the amount of money in your bank account, the number of possessions you own, the number

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Who Needs Educational Games When Entertainment Will Change the World?

Ian Bogost at Games for Change 2013

Educational games have always carried a certain stigma. Nine times out of ten, if you ask any gamer if they prefer a game developed for educational purposes to a similar title made for the commercial market, the latter will win.

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The Red Herring of Real-Life Landmarks

Splinter Cell Conviction

Making people care about things in games is hard. Not to say it’s impossible – but when most decisions boil down to ‘save the hostage’ or ‘restart the level,’ it doesn’t exactly fill the player with overwhelming empathy. So it

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Don’t Let Bad Lip Sync Break the Spell

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth

Your helicopter touches down on the deck. You’ve arrived at the outskirts of a magnificent city of the future – gleaming skyscrapers pierce distant clouds, flying robots of all kinds swerve in airborne traffic patterns, and a sunset so real

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