It’s a fact of the modern world that games are creeping into everyday life. Games and “gamified” applications (of varying levels of quality) follow us on phones, haunt our social networks and even sneak into public bathrooms, taunting would-be players …

How Gamifying Blood Donations Can End the Shortage Read more »

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Breakdancer Toyz deftly handles a challenge at Unlucky Breaks (Photo: Law Nyce)

At a breakdance competition, the crowd knows more than you. Sure, it may seem obviously impressive when a dancer spins on his head and freezes in an upside-down pose, but unless you’re a dancer yourself, the crowd will seem to …

Breaking the Rules: Game Mechanics as Pathway to Culture Read more »

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Gamification badges: Innocent fun, or devious distraction?

“And what will that world be like? Well, I think it’ll be like this: You’ll get up in the morning to brush your teeth, and the toothbrush can sense that you’re brushing your teeth, and so, hey, good job for …

Monsters in the Sky: Facing Jesse Schell’s Nightmare of Over-Gamification Read more »

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