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Tapping Your Reservoir of Excellence

“Practice makes perfect” sure sounds right. If you want to get better at something, what better way than to just do more of it? So, you decide to put 10,000 hours into something in order to become a master. You

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Tour Guides and Wanderers: The Replayable Narrative Dilemma

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You Are Reading a Game Design Blog Post

You Are Reading a Game Design Blog Post
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Giving Up Control to Grow as Gamers

Heavy Rain

Every video game you’ve ever played is about control. If something is even to qualify as a video game as opposed to machinima or animation, there needs to be at least one player, and there needs to be an input

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Maximizing Your Side Project Success

Video game side projects

If you’re involved in the game industry in any way, chances are you share a gift common to most developers: enthusiastic proactivity. The competitive nature and innate complexity of learning how to make digital games all but requires not only

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The Problem with Game Reviews (And Why Games Are Like Restaurants)

Restaurant Empire 2

What’s the one thing missing from every book review that’s ever been written? The number at the end. Isn’t it interesting how books, an artistic medium thousands of years old, has resisted the kind of numerical classification that has invaded

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Why Are You Making Games?

Why Make Games?

Why should anybody care about your game? Ask the seasoned game designer this, and he’ll describe an enticing feature set, an innovative game mechanic or some other combination of reasons why players would be interested. Playtesting the game in question,

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The Fallacy of Choice (In Games and Real Life)

Molleindustria's Unmanned

Games love to make a big deal about choices. Unfortunately, most of the time your only options boil down to either saving the helpless baby lamb from starving wolves or punting it to the pack leader, with nary a shade

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